Best Pizza On The Planet!


Welcome to your Rocky’s Pizza website.  We call it “your” Rocky’s Pizza because we’ve patterned our recipes not only on what we’ve done with dough over many years of family dinners and gatherings, but also on what you’ve asked us to do over this last year since we’ve opened.  Our goal is to serve you the finest pizza, customized to your taste.

Here’s what we’ve learned you want from us:

1. Affordable As much as we ALL hate it, we are not in the mood to spend extra!  We have to be able to give you great pizza, calzones, and subs for a great price.

2. Delicious That's the easy part for us.  We make our dough on the premises daily, using our family recipe, which includes heart healthy (and great tasting) olive oil.  We let the dough "rest" before we make it for you, which guarantees our crust, calzones, and garlic knots will be the object of your cravings week in and week out.  We will ALWAYS make delicious food.  We will not sacrifice quality, even though we have to compete with companies who make all their decisions based on the bottom line

3. Fast Service We have to get your food in your hands as fast as possible.  We are constantly trying to find ways to make your food to order, and get it into your hands in the least amount of time, without sacrificing quality.

4. Delivery You love the idea of being able to make a phone call and have your food brought to you!  We are all about making it convenient to order the world's best pizza.
Catering – If you are having a get together, you want to know that we can make just about anything for a large group of people, and it will be delicious.

5. Customer Service We love to give you more than you ordered, and we take pride in making our customers the most important part of our business.  We are built by you, and for you.  We listen to any and all ideas you have to help make us better.  WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS!  You are all a part of our extended family!


Monday - Thursday
11am-1pm & 4pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday
11am - 10pm
Noon - 8pm
Pizza, Wings
Hoagies & Calzones